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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Call Someone Who Cares

I just posted on my "Shannon Ingram's Place" blog at - the web site for women 50+. It's all about my brother's favorite saying when he was a teenager. It was "Gotta dime?" He said it whenever he could care less about something Mom or I said to him. Of course that was the phone company slogan back then, "Gotta dime? Call someone who cares." It only cost ten cents to make a local pay phone call when I was a teenager.

What can we do with a dime today? Put it in a piggy bank. Drop it in the Salvation Army kettle outside Target or Wal Mart. Put it in the basket at church on Sunday. Think of it as "the power of change!" Personally, I'm going to use a dime as a reminder to call an old friend or a family member. I just resolved to make at least one personal phone call a day for the next three months, even if it's just to leave a voicemail message. The first few calls I make will require a lot more than a voicemail because it's been way too long since I've talked with many friends. Oh well.....gotta dime?


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